Digital Frequency Search Overview, Updates, and Terms of Use


Welcome to Digital Frequency Search. I created this web application to make scanning easier and more accessible. The focus of this website is to help others learn about digital radio technologies utilized in their area. Radio reception and communication is increasing in complexity, but I want to do my best to simplify it. I’ve built a set of simple and fast search tools that you might find useful. I hope this website will help you with your research project or allow you to experience the joy of finding and receiving digital radio broadcasts. Contact me at with any error reports or feedback.


March 13, 2024

  • Added static webpages for each county, accessed via the Directory.

April 29, 2023

  • Major site upgrade with simplified site tree and clean design.
  • The landing page is now the Digital Search tool, which enables more options when searching. It is similar to the old Advanced Quick Import search tool.
  • Quick Import has been phased out since the Digital Search tool provides the same results. However, you can find the old Quick Import tool here.
  • Branding to clarify that this website is a project of iCopyRadio LLC.


  • Routine site maintenance and backend (e.g., database) code upgrades to keep the site functional.

August 21, 2018

  • Updated Sentinel Quick Import results to work with newer Sentinel version—this is a break change and users will need to update Sentinel. This fixes the error message that may have been display upon import. Frequencies previously imported with Digital Frequency Search are reset to “Search” audio option setting, requiring reimport if you want to force digital mode search.
  • For the Advanced Quick Import Search for Sentinel, when sorting by Entity, locations that share the same frequency will now be combined into one line.
  • Additional minor changes were made over 2018; however, they were generally not substantial enough to note on here.

October 15, 2017—New Server

  • Digital Frequency Search has moved to an upgraded private server, which should substantially decrease page load and search times. It also allows greater control over the website.
  • All DMR, NXDN, and P25 searches for larger counties should now work. The recent errors were due to changes made to the server by the previous host (without any notification). Moving the website to a functional server fixed these issues; the errors were not caused by website code.
  • The tables on the Counties and Codes pages now display reliably.
  • The website is now encrypted to help protect your privacy.
  • The Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the addition of TLS/SSL encryption.
  • Weekly database updates will continue to occur and are now completed by the web server (a few were missed in August-September due to Harvey). Look for these updates at around 7am (Central Time) every Sunday.
  • You might notice fewer results in some counties. Additional data deduplication has been implemented to remove duplicates in instances where there is more than one transmitting tower in the same city. This should bring the regular search result counts in line with what is obtained through the Quick Import searches. This will reduce DMR results by around 5% and P25 a bit more. All of the same frequencies will still report, it's just a reduction of duplicate data.
  • The FMP CSV files once again contain data. The file download speeds are no longer throttled (as they were on the old host). Expect very fast downloads on fiber connections. The CSV files and frequency file search data will be updated monthly, on the first Monday of the month.
  • At this point, I believe the website is fully functional and responsive. If you encounter any errors or problems, please let me know.

June 11, 2017

  • .html pages converted to .php, along with code improvements.
  • Advertising converted to Google, which should help to keep this site running.
  • User submitted typographical errors corrected. Thanks for the emails!
  • DMR, P25, NXDN, and Quick Import search data continues to be updated on a weekly basis. The dataset is over 1,000,000 records. 464.5 MHz is the most common DMR frequency, followed by 464.55 MHz and 451.8 MHz.
  • The FCC ULS license search website has been offline for extended periods lately. Though Digital Frequency Search demonstrates good reliability and fast searches, please keep in mind that links to FCC Call Signs will not work if the FCC website is down (this is a federal government problem, not a problem with Digital Frequency Search).

March 8, 2017

  • Advertisement Policy created & Privacy Policy updated.
  • Implementation of Amazon Affiliate advertising.
  • Implementation of Google AdSense advertising.
  • Added Buying Guide webpage.
  • FMP Frequency File downloads and data now updated monthly.

January 18, 2017

January 1, 2017

  • Advanced Quick Import Search
    • This search function combines all of the test and advanced searches that were previously separate. Instead of over half a dozen Quick Import searches, all tools have been integrated into two Quick Import tools (Basic and Advanced).
    • This search tool allows much greater flexibility when searching.
    • Result format includes a table similar to the regular digital search pages, which can be easily copied to a spreadsheet for further manipulation.
  • ARC536PRO fully supported on both Quick Import Searches
  • Increased support for FMP24-DSD+
  • Improved page formatting when printing
  • Updated instructions and information for most of the search tools & results
  • Added frequency location number to some search results to help with scanning tunked sites
  • Added fav icons
  • Improved site for Internet Explorer viewing (Firefox is the preferred browser for using this website)

December 15, 2016

  • Added About Page, including Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Database will now update with the latest FCC data on a weekly basis every Sunday
  • Updated device responsiveness and usability of website, including mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Modified and added features to improve accessibility
  • Additional emissions designators added to P25 search
  • City added to search results
  • Upgraded Quick Import and advanced search options; reduced page clutter

Old Versions

I believe in an internet where webpages are maintained rather than being lost after a week of “viral” hits has fulfilled the advertising budget. Upgrades and changes to this website are always possible. To a reasonable extent, I will post older versions of this site’s pages here for those who prefer the previous versions or would like to view previous datasets.

  • Original Quick Import Search Page—This page has a separate search box for each digital type; these searches are now combined into 2 Quick Import search tools. The results from searches through the old webpage are from July 2016 and older. As of October 2017, this webpage has been removed.
  • Sentinel ADVANCED DMR Quick Import—This search has a unique output for Sentinel; the functionality is now found in the Advanced Quick Import search tool. The frequency results from this page are from July 2016 and older.


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