United States Digital P25 Phase 1 & 2 Frequency Search

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P25 Digital Frequency Search
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Information about the P25 search tool:

  • The frequencies in this database contain an emission designator associated with P25 Digital radio systems. Both conventional and trunked frequencies will be returned, as well as both Phase 1 and Phase 2 frequencies. The Project 25 Technology Interest Group created a useful list of conventional P25 radio systems.
  • Many of the frequencies in this database contain multiple emission designators in addition to P25 voice. These frequencies might be carrying data only or analog FM voice traffic, for instance.
  • This FCC license data is updated every week on Sunday. The licenses for all frequencies in the database were active as of the date listed at the bottom of the search result page. Frequencies for non-active licenses are excluded from the search results.
  • The database contains over 310,000 frequencies authorized to use P25 digital voice.
  • The data is from the FCC Land Mobile - Commercial and Land Mobile - Private, Land Mobile - Broadcast, and Market databases.
  • To view frequencies with a statewide area of operation, leave the county field blank. To view frequencies with a nationwide or "other" area of operation, leave both the county and state fields blank.
  • This FCC license data is from the FCC's weekly data release and was last updated on Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 9:28pm CDT.
  • As a condition of using this website, users of this website assume all risk and will comply with all applicable laws regulating radio scanning. Every attempt is made to make this database complete and accurate; however, it is meant for educational and hobby purposes only. Please use the official FCC License Search for any critical, regulatory, or professional applications.