Petersburg County, Alaska Digital Frequencies

Find new radio traffic with your digital radio scanner with this reference of 2 radio frequencies authorized for use in Petersburg County, Alaska. Frequencies are separated into two tables (conventional and trunked). For customized results, including data formatted for import into popular scanner programming software, visit the Digital Search Page.

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Conventional Frequencies

2 conventional voice frequencies including 2 NXDN digital scanner frequencies are included in the table below. Frequencies are listed in the order of DMR -> NXDN -> P25 and sorted within each frequency type by Entity Name.

Notice: To allow practical viewing of the table below, some data columns are removed on smaller display widths. If you are seeing this message, some columns are removed from the table. To see all columns, view this webpage on a display that allows a browser window width of at least 1,000 pixels.

FrequencyFrequency in Megahertz (MHz)
TypeClass Station Code (Transmitter Type)

MO – Mobile (includes handhelds)
FB – Base
FB2 – Mobile Relay (conventional repeater)
FB6 – Private Carrier for Profit
FB8 – Centralized Trunk Relay (Trunked System)
FBT – Temporary Base
FX1 – Control Station (Possibly Dispatch Center)

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PwrMax Output Power of Transmitter, Watts

Used to determine strength of RF signal and the likelihood of receiving the frequency
Entity NameThe licensee of the frequency.
Call SignClick the hyperlink to view full license information on the FCC website.
CityThe general location of the transmitter. Many licenses do not include this information—in such cases, the field will be blank.
SrvcRadio Service Code

Common examples:

PW - Public Safety, Conventional
IG - Industrial/Business, Conventional
YG - Industrial/Business, Trunked
YE - Public Safety, Trunked
SY - Public Safety, Trunked 700 MHz
Codes beginning with "Y" indicate trunked systems.

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Eligibility ActivityThis description is useful for determining the purpose and use of the radio frequency.

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No trunked frequencies for this area.

These results were updated with the latest information from the FCC on Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 9:30pm CDT.

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