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FCC Class Station and Radio Service Codes

The two tables below contain the abbreviations used in the search results.

The table on the lefttop contains a list of the FCC Station Class Codes, which are used in the "Type" column of this website's search results.

The Station Class Code describes the type and use of the transmitter, which can help provide an understanding of the radio system. Many frequencies will be listed in the search results more than once, each with a different Station Class Code ("Type").

For instance, a frequency might have a "MO" (Mobile), "FB2" (Mobile Relay), and "FX1" (Control) "Type" in the search results. This indicates a common setup of a repeater with mobile units, as well as a base control station (the mobiles are licensed for broadcast on the repeater frequency so that they can be used in talk-around mode if the repeater is out of range or has failed). There is likely an additional "MO" type on a separate frequency, which is the normal mobile transmit frequency that pairs with the repeater (the repeater "input").

As another example, a license with "MO8" (Centralized Trunk Mobile) and "FB8" (Centralized Trunk Relay) is likely a trunked radio system.

As a general rule, you will have more success receiving distant broadcasts if the "Type" is a relay or base station.

The table on the rightbottom contains a list of the FCC Radio Service Codes, which are used in the "Srvc" column of this website's search results.

The Radio Service Code is the general category of FCC license of the radio system. This information is beneficial for determining if the system is commercial or public safety, or whether or not it is trunked. For example, "IG" is a common "Srvc" for private businesses, and "PW" is a common "Srvc" for conventional public safety radio systems.

FCC Station Class Codes
AOXOperational Fixed
APCAlaska Public
APXAlaska Private
APX2Alaska Private (Temporary)
AXAeronautical Fixed
AX1Aeronautical Fixed (Mobile)
AX2Aeronautical Fixed (Temporary)
DGPDifferential Gps
ELTElt Test
ELT1Elt Test (Mobile)
FAAeronautical Enroute
FA1Aeronautical Enroute (Mobile)
FA2Aeronautical Enroute (Temporary)
FAAAeronautical Advisory (Unicom)
FAA1Aeronautical Advisory (Unicom) (Mobile)
FAA2Aeronautical Advisory (Unicom) (Temporary)
FABAutomatic Weather Observation
FACAirport Control Tower
FASAviation Support Instructional
FAS1Aviation Support Instructional (Mobile)
FATFlight Test
FAT1Flight Test (Mobile)
FAT3Flight Test (Itinerant)
FB2Mobile Relay
FB2AMobile Relay - Airport Terminal Use
FB2CMobile Relay - Interconnect
FB2IMobile Relay - Itinerant
FB2JMobil Relay - Temporary Interconnect
FB2KMobile Relay - Stand-By Interconnect
FB2LMobile Relay - Itinerant Interconnect
FB2SMobil Relay - Stand-By
FB2TMobile Relay - Temporary
FB4Community Repeater
FB4ACommunity Repeater - Airport Terminal Use
FB4CCommunity Repeater - Interconnect
FB4ICommunity Repeater - Itinerant
FB4JCommunity Repeater - Temporary Interconnect
FB4KCommunity Repeater - Stand-By Interconnect
FB4LCommunity Repeater - Itinerant Interconnect
FB4SCommunity Repeater - Stand-By
FB4TCommunity Repeater - Temporary
FB6Private Carrier (Profit)
FB6APrivate Carrier (Profit) - Airport Terminal Use
FB6CPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Interconnect
FB6IPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Itinerant
FB6JPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Temporary Interconnect
FB6KPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Stand-By Interconnect
FB6LPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Itinerant Interconnect
FB6SPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Stand-By
FB6TPrivate Carrier (Profit) - Temporary
FB7Private Carrier (Non-Profit)
FB7APrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Airport Terminal Use
FB7CPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Interconnect
FB7IPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Itinerant
FB7JPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Temporary Interconnect
FB7KPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Stand-By Interconnect
FB7LPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Itinerant Interconnect
FB7SPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Stand-By
FB7TPrivate Carrier (Non-Profit) - Temporary
FB8Centralized Trunk Relay
FB8ACentralized Trunk Relay - Airport Terminal Use
FB8CCentralized Trunk Relay - Interconnect
FB8ICentralized Trunk Relay - Itinerant
FB8JCentralized Trunk Relay - Temporary Interconnect
FB8KCentralized Trunk Relay - Standby Interconnect
FB8LCentralized Trunk Relay - Itinerant Interconnect
FB8SCentralized Trunk Relay - Standby
FB8TCentralized Trunk Relay - Temporary
FBCBase - Interconnect
FBIBase - Itinerant
FBJBase - Temporary Interconnect
FBKBase - Stand-By Interconnect
FBLBase - Itinerant Interconnect
FBSBase - Stand-By
FBSIAir-Ground Signaling
FBTBase - Temporary
FCPublic Coast
FC2Public Coast(Temporary)
FCAMarine Support-Testing & Training
FCA2Marine Support-Testing & Training (Temporary)
FCLPrivate Coast
FCL2Private Coast (Temporary)
FCUMarine Utility
FCU1Marine Utility (Mobile)
FISFlight Information Services
FIS1Flight Information Services With Hand Held/Mobile
FIS2Flight Information Services For Temporary Operation
FLTAuxiliary Test
FLTCAuxiliary Test - Interconnect
FLTIAuxiliary Test - Itinerant
FLTLAuxiliary Test - Itinerant Interconnect
FLUAviation Support Service
FLU1Aviation Support Service (Mobile)
FMA1Aircraft Flight Test Station
FX0SOperational Fixed - Stand-By
FX1AControl - Airport Terminal Use
FX1CControl - Interconnect
FX1IControl - Itinerant
FX1JControl - Temporary Interconnect
FX1KControl - Stand-By Interconnect
FX1LControl - Itinerant Interconnect
FX1SControl - Stand-By
FX1TControl - Temporary
FX2Fixed Relay
FX2AFixed Relay - Airport Terminal Use
FX2CFixed Relay - Interconnect
FX2IFixed Relay - Itinerant
FX2JFixed Relay - Temporary Interconnect
FX2KFixed Relay - Stand-By Interconnect
FX2LFixed Relay - Itinerant Interconnect
FX2SFixed Relay - Stand-By
FX2TFixed Relay - Temporary
FX3Secondary Fixed (Tone Signaling)
FX3CSecondary Fixed - Interconnect
FX3ISecondary Fixed - Itinerant
FX3JSecondary Fixed - Temporary Interconnect
FX3KSecondary Fixed - Stand-By Interconnect
FX3LSecondary Fixed - Itinerant Interconnect
FX3SSecondary Fixed - Stand-By
FX3TSecondary Fixed - Temporary
FX5Temporary Fixed
FXAFixed - Airport Terminal Use
FXCFixed - Interconnect
FXCOCentral Office
FXIFixed - Itinerant
FXJFixed - Temporary Interconnect
FXKFixed - Stand-By Interconnect
FXLFixed - Itinerant Interconnect
FXOOperational Fixed
FXOAFixed - Interconnect - Airport Terminal Use
FXOCOperational Fixed - Interconnect
FXOIOperational Fixed - Itinerant
FXOJOperational Fixed - Temporary Interconnect
FXOKOperational Fixed - Stand-By Interconnect
FXOLOperational Fixed - Itinerant Interconnect
FXOSOperational Fixed - Stand-By
FXOTOperational Fixed - Temporary
FXRXFixed Relay
FXSFixed - Stand-By
FXSBFixed Subscriber
FXTFixed ? Temporary
FXTSAuxiliary Test
FXVCts Exceeding 20'
FXWCts Meeting 20'
FXYCInterzone - Interconnect
FXZCZone - Interconnect
GCOGround Communications Outlet
LRRadiolocation Land
LRCRadiolocation Land - Interconnect
LRJRadiolocation Land - Temporary Interconnect
LRKRadiolocation Land - Stand-By Interconnect
LRSRadiolocation Land - Stand-By
LRTRadiolocation Land - Temporary
M08CCentralized Trunk Mobile - Interconnect
MFLAeronautical Multicom
MFL1Aeronautical Multicom (Mobile)
MFL2Aeronautical Multicom (Temporary)
MFXMarine Ops Fixed
MFX2Marine Ops Fixed (Temporary)
MLSBMobile Subscriber
MO3Mobile/Vehicular Repeater
MO3AMobile/Vehicular Repeater - Airport Terminal Use
MO3CMobile/Vehicular Repeater With Interconnect
MO3IMobile/Vehicular Repeater - Itinerant
MO3JMobile/Vehicular Repeater With Temporary Interconnect
MO3KMobile/Vehicular Repeater With Stand-By Interconnect
MO3LMobile/Vehicular Repeater With Itinerant Interconnect
MO3SStand-By Mobile/Vehicular Repeater
MO3TTemporary Mobile/Vehicular Repeater
MO5Mobile & Temporary Fixed
MO6Private Carrier Mobile Op (Profit)
MO6APrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Profit) - Airport Termi
MO6CPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Profit) - Interconnect
MO6IPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Profit) - Itinerant
MO6JPrivate Carrier Mobile Operation (Profit) With Tem
MO6KPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Profit) - Stand-By
MO6LPrivate Carrier Mobile Operation (Profit) With Iti
MO6SPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Profit) - Stand-By
MO6TTemporary Private Carrier Mobile Operation (Profit)
MO7Private Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit)
MO7APrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit) - Airport Ter
MO7CPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit) - Interconn
MO7IPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit) - Itinerant
MO7JPrivate Carrier Mobile Operation (Non-Profit) With
MO7KPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit) - Stand
MO7LPrivate Carrier Mobile Operation (Non-Profit) With
MO7SPrivate Carrier Mobile Op (Non-Profit) - Stand
MO7TTemporary Private Carrier Mobile Operation (Non-Pr
MO8Centralized Trunk Mobile
MO8ACentralized Trunk Mobile - Airport Terminal Use
MO8CCentralized Trunk Mobile - Interconnect
MOAMobile - Airport Terminal Use
MOCMobile - Interconnect
MOIMobile - Itinerant
MOJMobile With Temporary Interconnect
MOKMobile With Stand-By Interconnect
MOLMobile With Itinerant Interconnect
MOSMobile - Stand-By
MOTTemporary Mobile
MOU1Aeronautical Utility Mobile
MRRadiolocation Mobile
MRTMarine Receiver Test
MRT2Marine Receiver Test (Temporary)
MSCShore Radar Test
MSC2Shore Radar Test (Temporary)
MSRShore Radionavigation
MSR2Shore Radionavigation (Temporary)
RCORemote Communications Outlet
RLAAeronautical Marker Beacon
RLA1Aeronautical Marker Beacon (Mobile)
RLA2Aeronautical Marker Beacon (Temporary)
RLBAeronautical Radio Beacon
RLB1Aeronautical Radio Beacon (Mobile)
RLB2Aeronautical Radio Beacon (Temporary)
RLCShore Radiolocation Test
RLC2Shore Radiolocation Test (Temporary)
RLDRadar/Radar Test
RLD1Radar/Radar Test (Mobile)
RLD2Radar/Radar Test (Temporary)
RLGGlide Path (Slope)
RLG1Glide Path (Slope) (Mobile)
RLG2Glide Path (Slope) (Temporary)
RLL1Localizer (Mobile)
RLL2Localizer (Temporary)
RLOOmnidirectional Radio Range
RLO1Omnidirectional Radio Range (Mobile)
RLO2Omnidirectional Radio Range (Temporary)
RLRShore Radiolocation/Racon
RLR2Shore Radiolocation/Racon (Temporary)
RLTRadionavigation Land Test
RLT1Radionavigation Land Test (Mobile)
RLT2Radionavigation Land Test - Temporary
RNVRadionavigation Land
RNV1Radionavigation Land (Mobile)
RNV2Radionavigation Land (Temporary)
RPCRamp Control
SARSearch And Rescue
SAR1Search And Rescue (Mobile)
UATUniversal Access Transceiver Service - Fixed
UAT1Universal Access Transceiver Service - Mobile
UAT2Universal Access Transceiver Service - Temp Fixed
WDXRadiolocation Weather Radar
WDXSRadiolocation Weather Radar - Standby
WDXTRadiolocation Weather Radar - Temporary
FCC Radio Service Codes
AAAviation Auxiliary Group
ABAural Microwave Booster
AFAeronautical and Fixed
AIAural Intercity Relay
ARAviation Radionavigation
ASAural Studio Transmitter Link
AWAdvanced Wireless Service (Part 27).
BA1390-1392 MHz Band, Market Area
BB1392-1395 and 1432-1435 MHz Bands, Market Area
BC1670-1675 MHz Band, Market Area
BRBroadband Radio Service
CACommercial Air-ground Radiotelephone
CDPaging and Radiotelephone
CEDigital Electronic Message Service -- Common Carrier
CFCommon Carrier Fixed Point to Point Microwave
CGGeneral Aviation Air-ground Radiotelephone
CJCommercial Aviation Air-Ground Radiotelephone (800 MHz band)
CMCommercial Operator
CNPCS Narrowband
COOffshore Radiotelephone
CPPart 22 VHF/UHF Paging [excluding 931 MHZ], Auctioned
CRRural Radiotelephone
CTLocal Television Transmission
CWPCS Broadband
CY1910-1915/1990-1995 MHz Bands, Market Area
CZPart 22 931 MHz Paging
DVMultichannel Video Distribution AND Data Service
EDEducational Broadband Service
GBBusiness, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
GC929-930 MHz Paging Systems, Auctioned
GEPublic Safety/Special Emergency and Public Safety, National Plan
GFPublic Safety Ntl Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Conv.
GIOther Indust/Land Transp, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conv.
GJBusiness and Industrial/Land Transp, 809-824/854-869 MHz, Conv.
GL900 MHz Conventional SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
GM800 MHz Conventional SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
GOOther Indust/Land Transp, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv.
GPPublic Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv.
GRSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
GSPrivate Carrier Paging, 929-930 MHz
GUBusiness, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
GXSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
IGIndustrial/Business Pool, Conventional
IKIndustrial/Business Pool -- Commercial, Conventional
IQIntelligent Transportation Service (Public Safety)
LDLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
LN902-928 MHz Location Narrowband (Non-Multilateration)
LPBroadcast Auxiliary Low Power
LSLocation and Monitoring Service, Multilateration (LMS)
LVLow Power Wireless Assist Video Devices
LW902-928 MHz Location Wideband (Grandfathered AVM)
MAMarine Auxiliary Group
MCCoastal Group
MGMicrowave Industrial/Business Pool
MKAlaska Group
MMMillimeter Wave 70/80/90 GHz
MRMarine Radiolocation Land
MSMultiple Address Service, Auctioned
MWMicrowave Public Safety Pool
NCNationwide Commercial 5 Channel, 220 MHz
NN3650 - 3700 MHz
PAPublic Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band
PCPublic Coast Stations, Auctioned
PEDigital Electronic Message Service -- Private
PWPublic Safety Pool, Conventional
QA220-222 MHz Band, Auctioned
QDNon-Nationwide Data, 220 MHz
QMNon-Nationwide Public Safety/Mutual Aid, 220 MHz
QONon-Nationwide Other, 220 MHz
QQIntelligent Transportation Service (Non-Public Safety)
QTNon-Nationwide 5 Channel Trunked, 220 MHz
RPBroadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
RRRestricted Operator
RSLand Mobile Radiolocation
SAShip Recreational or Voluntarily Equipped
SBShip Compulsory Equipped
SEShip Exemption
SGConventional Public Safety 700MHz
SLPublic Safety 700 MHz Band -- State License
SYTrunked Public Safety 700MHz
TBTV Microwave Booster
TITV Intercity Relay
TN39 GHz, Auctioned
TPTV Pickup
TSTV Studio Transmitter Link
TTTV Translator Relay
TZ24 GHz Service
WAMicrowave Aviation
WMMicrowave Marine
WP700 MHz Upper Band (Block D)
WRMicrowave Radiolocation
WSWireless Communications Service
WU700 MHz Upper Band (Block C)
WX700 MHz Bands
WY700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks A, B, E)
WZ700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks C, D)
YBBusiness, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YCSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned
YDSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Auctioned
YEPublic Safety/Special Emergency and Public Safety, National Plan
YFPublic Safety Ntl Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Trunked
YGIndustrial/Business Pool, Trunked
YHSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned (Rebanded YC license)
YIOther Indust/Land Transp. 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
YJBusiness and Industrial/Land Transp, 809-824/854-869, Trunked
YKIndustrial/Business Pool -- Commercial, Trunked
YL900 MHz Trunked SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
YM800 MHz Trunked SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
YOOther Indust/Land Transp. 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YPPublic Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YSSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
YUBusiness, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
YWPublic Safety Pool, Trunked
YXSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
ZAGeneral Mobile Radio (GMRS)
ZV218-219 MHz Service

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