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FCC Class Station and Radio Service Codes

The two tables below contain the abbreviations used in the search results.

The table on the lefttop contains a list of the FCC Station Class Codes, which are used in the "Type" column of this website's search results.

The Station Class Code describes the type and use of the transmitter, which can help provide an understanding of the radio system. Many frequencies will be listed in the search results more than once, each with a different Station Class Code ("Type").

For instance, a frequency might have a "MO" (Mobile), "FB2" (Mobile Relay), and "FX1" (Control) "Type" in the search results. This indicates a common setup of a repeater with mobile units, as well as a base control station (the mobiles are licensed for broadcast on the repeater frequency so that they can be used in talk-around mode if the repeater is out of range or has failed). There is likely an additional "MO" type on a separate frequency, which is the normal mobile transmit frequency that pairs with the repeater (the repeater "input").

As another example, a license with "MO8" (Centralized Trunk Mobile) and "FB8" (Centralized Trunk Relay) is likely a trunked radio system.

As a general rule, you will have more success receiving distant broadcasts if the "Type" is a relay or base station.

The table on the rightbottom contains a list of the FCC Radio Service Codes, which are used in the "Srvc" column of this website's search results.

The Radio Service Code is the general category of FCC license of the radio system. This information is beneficial for determining if the system is commercial or public safety, or whether or not it is trunked. For example, "IG" is a common "Srvc" for private businesses, and "PW" is a common "Srvc" for conventional public safety radio systems.

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FCC Station Class Codes